Open letter to social worker supervisor from New York-Presbyterian Hospital, West Chester

Good morning Alexis,

Following up on this item…

I was referring to numbers 16, 17 and 19 in the patient bill of rights. 

Will you please send me my itemized bill as well as the standard list of charges?

I also need to know how to obtain a copy of my entire medical record. 

That should include my written complaint asking for a single delusion of mine to be documented. 

I never received a written response, so this will be at the top of my complaint to NY state’s department of health. 

I don’t know what this patent violation of my rights entitles me to, but I look forward to learning more after speaking with the authorities. 

I will begin the process to file a civil lawsuit against the two psychiatrists who “treated” me against my will and your employer in the weeks to come. 

Buenas Dias from Todos Santos. 

The best is ahead. 


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