I am actively seeking collaborators and contributors interested in the mission of The Nellie Bly Project: exposing injustice in mental healthcare with the aim of inspiring systemic reform.

A passage in the Foreword for the book authored by Pete Earley, a reporter and mental health advocate highlights a guiding belief behind The Nellie Bly Project.

“While practical information gives Committed its spine, it is the emotions that we feel in reading patients’ firsthand accounts that prick at the conscience and ultimately distinguish this book from some impersonal, analytical tome. That is one of the many reasons that this book should be read — because emotions lie at the heart of the involuntary commitment process, whether they are expressed in the angry voice of an unwilling patient or the anguished voice of a parent, spouse, sibling, friend, child or professional caregiver.“ 

Pete Earley writing in the Foreword to Committed: The Battle over Involuntary Psychiatric Care by Dinah Miller and Annette Hanson

As far as contributors go, The Nellie Bly Project is looking for firsthand accounts of injustice occurring within the mental healthcare system that will “prick at the conscience” of people curious to know more about your personal experience with involuntary commitment.

Whether you are an “unwilling patient” like I was years ago or you are someone struggling with the damaging effects of trauma or any other problem described as a mental health condition, and your civil rights were violated by a mental health care provider, and you are willing to share about your experience in service of making a positive difference for others (anonymously if you prefer) please get in touch with me at incredulity at gmail dot com.

As far as collaborators go, Elizabeth Cochran Seaman, better known as Nellie Bly, shared what she learned through 1st hand experience in the mental health care system through writing. 

The Nellie Bly Project will utilize any means/media available to increase public awareness about injustices occurring in the mental health care system and to inspire systemic reform.

If you are a creative with a passion for this cause who is interested in collaborating, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me at incredulity at gmail dot com.

Francesco Bellafante